Monday, August 22, 2016

PDH Meetup: August 22 at Appleton Makerspace

[If you’re not familiar with the Personal Digital Home project, it is “the starting point for your digital life.“ The PDH concept is essentially One Site To Rule Them All, your data storage shed, control panel and cyberspace digital presence. A PDH website is intended to let you Own Your Data, give you more control your presence in the metaverse, and make you more effective at interacting with all things digital. Two other projects closely related to PDH are IndieWeb and The Decentralized Web initiative.]

For a summary of the most recent PDH meetup, see “Day-After-Report: Personal Digital Home Meetup, July 30.”

There is a Personal Digital Home meetup today, August 22, 2016, from 7 - 9 PM at the Appleton Makerspace, 121R B North Douglas St, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. See the makerspace website regarding possible street construction in front of the makerspace.

We’ll probably start out with a discussion about what PDH is because a couple people new to the project said they plan to show up tonight.

After we discuss the PDH concept, the interests of tonight’s participants will determine what topics we investigate, frameworks we build, and decisions we make for PDH.

I’ll keep the best notes I can and will publish a meeting summary post on this blog tomorrow. We’ll have the #dhmncivichacks channel open on the NE Wisconsin Slack team. If we have online components for the meetup other than the Slack channel, like a video streaming, we’ll announce that in #dhmncivichacks.

I’m bringing Moon Man, Great White, and 8 Ball Stout for those who like beer. There’s soda in the fridge at the makerspace for those who prefer that. Bring your own water, coffee, tea or other beverage of choice if that fits your dietary needs better. Bring munchies if you want something to eat, or Stuc’s delicious Italian food is right next door.


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