Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Civic Hacking Today (7/22) At The Avenue HQ!

Come on down to The Avenue HQ today, July 22, at 6 PM for some civic hacking fun and to meet and work with other civic hackers!

Omni Resources is buying pizza, so no need to rush home for supper first. Instead, rush down to The Avenue HQ for supper and civic hacking! If you have a favorite beverage that goes well with pizza, bring it on down. Or bring a few hacking snacks to share with the group. If we run out of munchables and drinkables, we'll pass the hat around, and I'll go on a munchies run to keep the civic hackers fueled up.

120 N. Morrison St, Appleton, WI, USA -- The Avenue HQ is on the first floor
The Avenue HQ (AHQ) is Appleton’s coworking space, located at 120 N Morrison St, Suite 101,
Appleton WI 54911. Click here for a location map.

Parking options are typical downtown Appleton parking. There are lots of metered spots near AHQ if you want to plug meters, although, per the update below, it looks like some nearby metered spots will be free after 6 PM. There are also nearby parking ramps, which I think cost $2. If you look at the AHQ map linked above, you can click on the colored parking indicators for info.

(If you want a more informative parking resource, maybe you could start working on a parking project at tonight’s civic hacking session… :)

Ross' update on parking: "Filling the parking meter in downtown Appleton will cost less and be more convenient starting [June 27]...hours of enforcement at meters downtown will be...9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Meters will still be enforced Monday – Saturday with free parking on-street and in ramps on Sundays.  Also as part of the parking restructuring, all on-street meters north of Washington Street will see the rate change from $0.75/hr down to $0.20/hr. The time limit for parking will go from two hours to 12 hours at those meters..."

Mike's update on Appleton traffic tonight:  Apparently civic hackers will need to be aware of a downtown parade starting at 6 PM; traffic and parking issues, maybe. Per the Post-Crescent -- "Join us today as we bring you the seventh annual Downtown Appleton Children’s Parade, starting at 6 p.m.! The old-fashioned parade along College Avenue in downtown Appleton is full of cute, costumed kids and their parents."

If you’re wondering what will happen at tonight’s event, check out last week’s post “Civic Hacking Event: July 22, Appleton, The Avenue HQ.” If you're not sure what civic hacking is, check out a few of the other posts on this blog.

We didn’t feel a need for reservations for tonight’s session, so I don’t know how many people will be there. Somewhere between 5 and 35 is my guess. Website stats for this blog say that a lot of people looked at the blog post about tonight’s civic hacking, and we’ve promoted it on the NE Wisconsin Slack channel and the DHMN mailing list. Probably a few people have mentioned it on Twitter or Facebook. If you see this post, please consider letting other people know about the event via Twitter, FB, emails or whatever social media and communications channels you use. And bring a few people with you to AHQ!

I’m planning to be at AHQ around 5 PM, so if you can’t stay too late and want to come down a little early, feel free to show up before 6 PM.

See you at AHQ!


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